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About US

Why did we start Business Purohit?

In a traditional scenario, the producers fix the price of service or product with the hope of achieving the highest return for their own enterprise.  At Business Purohit, we have turned the concept on its head – we have allowed the customers to fix the fee in line with return for their businesses.  At Business Purohit, we believe that the society as a whole is fair and people would always foot the bill for what they think is fair.  We feel, in any business, the value of the service/product is determined by the customers.  If the customers grossly underpay, the service/product ceases to exist in the market, as the provider can’t afford to continue

Though the name came to up in November 2014, the idea has been hanging around for a long time.  This is how service business was initially conceived in ancient India. Purohits were the advisors/consultants whose primary focus is good of the society and beneficiaries in turn took care of them.  These non-rich functionaries who tirelessly worked for the good of the society, without expecting anything in return are our inspiration and we look forward to live up the ideals to the best we can.


What do we offer?

We help individuals and companies in their journey of excellence.  In the true tradition, we will allow our customers to speak about what we can do and how well we do.  Therefore, you will not see a website talking about our capabilities and offerings.  Currently, we are working on organizational transformation with a few customers.  Our visibility will be through success of our customers and it is our philosophy to serve the companies that are in need.  Thankfully for us and for our customers, we are finding each other rather naturally without having to go through expensive searches/evaluation criteria.  This may have got to do with our philosophy of not competing.

We work on transformation at three levels:

a) Individual            b) Systems             c) Organization

What are the areas of service?

1.       Practice Development: Key differentiator to a business is how well it manages its intellectual property.  For us, the key intellectual properties a company must learn to master are its ability to deliver world class services by managing its competencies, offerings, processes and technologies.  Practice framework helps manage all these to serve customer needs 

2.       Competency Management: Competency management is a framework that is applicable to any industry/service.  Our previous experience has largely been in Engineering, Manufacturing, IT and Education.  We have covered most of the industry verticals in these functions.

3.       Enhance Employee Effectiveness: Most often what employee needs and the organization needs are similar, but still not aligned.  Our consultants help align employee aspirations to organizational vision to help create productive culture.

Are we any different?

Our customers say that we are different because of the following:

1.       Our consultants come with a wide exposure to business process and bring in a depth of experience in product development, manufacturing, HR, practice development etc…  This helps them connect with the organizational processes better.

2.       We have been able to integrate varied experiences into a cohesive experience.

3.       We devise frameworks, tools and techniques that suite the organization, instead of pushing a predetermined solution.



Umesh Chandra (; +91 9845355821)

 Umesh Chandra (Umesh) is Pradhan Purohit and founder of Business Purohit; and is an innovation leader, who consults companies on scaling up strategies and coaches top management.

Umesh has handled multiple roles in manufacturing, R&D and service organizations.  His experience profile includes managing business, R&D, practice, large programs.  His skills in Organization Development  helped in developing high performance teams and managing large organization development initiatives.  He lead several transformation initiatives in during his corporate career and is now helping companies achieve excellence. 

He is a trained Mechanical Engineer and has gone through extensive training & experience in various disciplines of leadership, management, personal development and innovation practices.

Some of his achievements include ‘invention of scientific instruments’; ‘organizational change agent for 16000 people organization’; leading the initiative for the organization to be recognized as ‘the best design & analysis company’, described by analysts as ‘one with best product engineering practices in the world’ and transforming a captive center into a high performance innovation hub….

 Sampath Kumar (; +91 7204003652)

Sampath Kumar (Sampath) is Pradhan Acharya and is a multifaceted senior executive who retired from TCS.  His current key focus areas are Business Excellence, Information Security and Leadership Training.  Before becoming a leader in Business Excellence, Sampath has consistently excelled in whatever he did from having been a University topper in every semester during his graduation and post graduation in electronics engineering.  He has several inventions to his credit as R&D Engineer at BEL, before making his presence felt in private sector and social sector enterprise.

He was instrumental in leading TCS in information security and Business Excellence areas, before learning management bug bit him.  He worked as part of corporate L&D besides being delivery excellence head for insurance vertical – under his vigil, the vertical became the benchmark for quality.  Sampath’s leadership development programs are among the most influential programs in the industry.

As many people have called, Sampath is a ‘man of many parts’ who has influence and interests in several areas including Rotary Club, Community initiative program, Karnataka chapter head for multiple CII initiatives, founder of Global VSAT forum etc…